All Things “Bucket List”

I’ll be honest, ever since I saw the movie A Walk to Remember, I’ve had a bucket list (I know I’m not alone here, girls…). I am proud to say I have accomplished a lot on this list over the years such as get married, go to Europe, ride a horse on the southern coast of Spain, get a tattoo, rescue an animal (oh Henry), participate in Fantasy Football (because we all know I’m the world’s worst sports fan after my husband), go REAL camping and more. But, my list continues to grow as life continues to unwind. I thought it’d be fun to share a few of my current “to-do’s” — some big, some small.

  1. Take a trip alone — this one is slightly daunting to me. Though I truly treasure alone time, it’s scary to think of being alone for an extended period of time in a foreign place.
  2. See the Northern Lights
  3. Skydive — in the interim, I may have to settle for one of those indoor skydiving adventure places
  4. Visit all 7 continents (I have 2 covered…)
  5. Learn another language — like REALLY learn another language, not just pass Spanish II with Katie Minchew at McClennan County Community College…
  6. Learn how to surf
  7. Learn how to sail
  8. Go to a drive in movie — this one should be easy right? Although I have a slight fear of drive in movie theaters because of the movie Twister.
  9. Run a half marathon — I will be straight up honest, this one is PROBABLY not going to happen
  10. Ride in a hot air balloon, somewhere cool (not DFW)
  11. Have babies — this one’s about to be checked off!
  12. Rent an RV and road trip across America coast to coast
  13. Go deep sea diving
  14. Take a vow of silence for a week
  15. Take a cooking class
  16. Visit a psychic — Disclaimer: Not because I believe in all that, but because I think it would be EXTREMELY entertaining
  17. Go skinny dipping in the ocean
  18. Ride a mechanical bull
  19. Visit a jungle
  20. See the top of a volcano
  21. Ride in a helicopter — thanks to my many wasted hours of watching the Bachelor or the Bachelorette, this seems fun to me. I’d want to do it somewhere cool like the Grand Canyon or New York City!
  22. Illustrate a children’s book
  23. Visit all 4 Guggenheim Museums (New York, Venice, Bilbao, Abu Dhabi)
  24. Work for myself
  25. Take my kids on a family mission trip
  26. Teach an art class
  27. Show up at the airport with a bag and passport and take the first available flight internationally (I mean, within reason and taking into account to the latest travel warnings…)
  28. Learn to like coffee
  29. Visit Morocco and ride a camel in the Sahara desert
  30. See an Ellen show filmed live
  31. Be in a movie — we’re talking as an extra here…
  32. Become a certified yoga instructor
  33. Renew my vows
  34. Crash a wedding
  35. Milk a cow
  36. Go cliff jumping into the ocean
  37. Go on a ride along with a cop — shoot, I want to BE a cop but we all know that’s not in the cards for me for multiple reasons (lack of height and strength and excess sassiness)
  38. Visit every Disney theme park

What are some of your bucket list items?!

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