GF Lunchbox: Crispy Prosciutto and Chicken Wrap

Now that I’ve been on maternity leave, I’m eating a lot more of those good ol’ homemade lunches. More convenient. Saves money. But, tuna salad and GF sandwiches get old after awhile. I’ve decided to try to amp up the creativity a bit while keeping things semi healthy, so I thought I’d share some of my success stories here periodically!

Today, I made a yummy Crispy Prosciutto and Chicken Wrap with a side of guacamole and sweet potato chips (one of my favorite snacks) and fresh berries.

crispy prosciutto and chicken wrap

For the wrap, I laid down a couple of large leaves of iceburg lettuce (romaine works too, but you don’t get the crunch). Then came layers of the good stuff:

> A few slices of seasoned chicken breast (Central Market has the best fresh cajun deli chicken)
> Crispy prosciutto (a few minutes on a skillet using a dash of olive oil — enough heat to give it a little crunch)
> Crumbled goat cheese
> Avocado, cubed
> Pickled red cherry peppers, halved
> A dash of whole grain mustard
> Freshly cracked pepper to taste

Roll it up and keep it together with a few toothpicks and you’re done! A great alternative to a sandwich.

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