Nursery Progress Report: Phase I

So I’m not sure if we’re late in the game in getting started on Jack’s nursery, or early — but, we’ve officially started what I’m guessing you call “nesting”. Here’s a tiny sneak peak into our very much a-work-in-progress nursery overhaul!


Grandpa, uncle and dad — hard at work on the crib. And of course, Henry was supervising, or maybe just in the way? Did I mention that Trent painted the entire nursery by himself?


Final product — thinking we may still need to run some safety tests. Henry and Fender may have to be our guinea pig babies.

baby man clothes

Already working on our collection of little “man” clothes. I can’t help myself. This is probably only 25% of the collection I have going…

And here’s our future changing table — we took a buffet table that was given to us a few years ago and gave it a little facelift with some paint and Anthro hardware. Now we just need some storage and all of the changing table necessities!

changing table before


changing table




Since Jack’s mom is an avid reader, we’ve already started on our book collection too. Again, I think I have a problem and literally cannot help myself…

Stay tuned for more updates!

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